Medizinhistorisches Journal
Medicine and the Life Sciences in History

ISSN 0025-8431
Gegründet: 1966
Gegründet von: Walter Artelt, Heinz Goerke, Edith Heischkel und Gunter Mann
Sprache: deutsch und englisch
2010 Band 45
Format: 170 mm x 240 mm
Kurztitel: Med. hist. J.

Steiner Verlag


Medizinhistorisches Journal provides an international and well-established forum for research into the history of medicine and health in their scientific, social, political, and cultural contexts. Publishing original, refereed articles, it includes intellectual history of science as well as social history of medicine and gives also space to specialist fields, such as history of dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and biology.

It further accommodates research reports and essay reviews (but not conventional book reviews). In addition, readers benefit from its international, up-to-date bibliographic sections, which cover new monographs and books, recent contributions to other relevant periodicals, and pertinent articles published elsewhere.


Historians of medicine and health, historians of science, social historians of medicine, historians of pharmacy, dentistry, and veterinary medicine, historians of the life sciences recommended for libraries, research institutes, personal subscribers interested in history of science and medicine and social history.