First International HFR Symposium

Cult, Temple, Sacred Spaces

Cult Practices and Cult Spaces in Hittite Anatolia and Neighbouring Cultures

3–5 June 2019, Academy of Sciences and Literature | Mainz
Boğazköy-Ḫattuša, lower city, Temple I

The project “Hethitische Festrituale” (HFR) at the Academy of Sciences and Literature | Mainz, which dedicates its work to a comprehensive edition of all Hittite festival texts, including cultural, religious, palaeographic and economic studies, will hold its First International Symposium entitled “Cult, Temple, Sacred Spaces. Cult Practices and Cult Spaces in Hittite Anatolia and Neighbouring Cultures” from June 3rd until June 5th 2019 at the Academy of Sciences and Literature | Mainz.

The symposium aims to discuss recent developments regarding the interpretation of philological and archaeological sources from Anatolia and adjacent areas in the second millennium BCE. It focuses on questions concerning the archaeology of temples and other sacred places, differentiation of sacred spaces according to written sources, the organization of festivals with a focus on spatial aspects, participation in festivals, and possibilities of interpretation thanks to insights into the cult practices of areas like Northern Syria, the Levant, Mesopotamia or Egypt.

The planned speakers are Claus Ambos, Francesco Barsacchi, Gary Beckman, Yoram Cohen, Carlo Corti, Rainer Czichon, Stefano de Martino, Meltem Doğan-Alparslan, İlgi Gerçek, Susanne Görke, Nils Heeßel, Thalia Lysen, Andreas Müller-Karpe, Adam Kryszeń, Herbert Niehr, Joachim Friedrich Quack, Andreas Schachner, Charles Steitler, Matthew Susnow, Piotr Taracha and Mark Weeden.

The papers presented at the symposium will be appear in print form in a forthcoming volume of Studien zu den Boğazköy Texten, published by Harrassowitz.


Mo 3 June 2019

14.00–14.15 h Welcome

14.15–15.45 h Session 1

14.15–15.00 h Joachim Friedrich Quack: Festrituale im Alten Ägypten: ein Überblick mit dem Versuch einer Systematik

15.00–15.45 h Herbert Niehr: Die Ritualtexte aus Ugarit

15.45–16.15 h Coffee break

16.15–17.45 h Session 2

16.15–17.00 h Claus Ambos: Babylonian Temple Rituals of the 1st Millennium BC

17.00–17.45 h Nils P. Heeßel: The King in Ritual Action: The Assyrian Royal Temple Rituals

17.45–18.15 h Coffee break

18.15–19.15 h Evening keynote lecture: Gary M. Beckman: ›He has made the Labarna, the King, his administrator‹: The Role of the Hittite Monarch in Festival Performance

19.15 h Reception


Tue 4 June 2019

9.15–10.30 h Session 3

9.15–10.00 h Andreas Schachner: Der Große Tempel von Hattuša: der hethitische Tempel par excellence?

10.00–10.30 h Matthew Susnow: House of the Deity: A Perspective from the Bronze Age Southern Levant

10.30–11.00 h Coffee break

11.00–12.30 h Session 4

11.00–11.30 h Meltem Doğan-Alparslan: The Hittite hišuwa- Festival and Its Terminology

11.30–12.00 h Thalia Lysen: A Performative Approach to the Celebration of Hittite Festivals

12.00–12.30 h Mark Weeden and Kimiyoshi Matsumura: Mass Participation in Ritual Activity in Second Millennium BC Anatolia

12.30–14.00 h Lunch break

14.00–15.30 h Session 5

14.00–14.30 h İlgi Gerçek: River Deities and River Rituals in Hittite Anatolia

14.30–15.00 h Adam Kryszeń: In the Footsteps of the Hittites: Topography and Movement in Hittite Festivals

15.00–15.30 h Yoram Cohen: Hittite Cult in Syria: Religious Imperialism or Religious Pluralism?

15.30–16.00 h Coffee break

16.00–17.30 h Session 6

16.00–16.45 h Andreas Müller-Karpe: Kultpersonal und Kulthandlungen in hethitischen Palästen

16.45–17.30 h Rainer M. Czichon: Nerik and Its ›Deep Spring‹


Wed 5 June 2019

9.00–10.30 h Session 7

9.00–9.30 h Carlo Corti: The Bread of the King: Agricultural Landscape of the Hittite Festival

9.30–10.00 h Francesco Barsacchi: ›The King goes up to the Roof‹: Hittite Nocturnal Rites Performed During the New Moon

10.00–10.30 h Charles W. Steitler: Offerings to the ›loci numinosi‹: Distinctive Features of Sacred Spaces and Cult Practices

10.30–11.00 h Coffee break

11.00–12.30 h Session 8

11.00–11.30 h Piotr Taracha: Remarks on Old Hittite Local Cults: A Spring Festival Celebrated by the Crown Prince in Hanhana and Vicinity (CTH 668)

11.30–12.00 h Susanne Görke: Hatti, Pala und Luwiya: Zu den Kulttraditionen der palaischen Texte aus Hattuša

12.00–12.30 h Conclusion of the conference