Prof. Dr. phil. Brian Gibbons

Fachgebiet: Englische Philologie



  • 1958-1961 University of Cambridge Open Exhibitioner at St Catharine’s College. English Tripos, Class 1.
  • 1961 BA Cantab.  
  • 1961-1962 Management trainee, ICI London.
  • 1962-1965 Research Student, English Faculty, University of Cambridge. (Tutorial teaching at St Catharine’s College).
  • 1964 MA Cantab.
  • 1967 PhD Cantab.
  • 1965-1974 Lecturer in English, University of York.
  • 1974-1981 Senior Lecturer in English, University of York.
  • 1981-1983 Professor of English, University of Leeds.
  • 1983-1991 Ordinarius, Universität Zürich.
  • 1991 Ernennung zum ordentlichen Professor, Universität Münster.
  • 2004 Emeritierung, Universität Münster.
  • seit 1998 Korrespondierendes Mitglied, Akademie der Wissenschaft und der Literatur, Mainz.
    • 1986 Université de Lausanne.
    • 1987-8 Université de Genève.
    • 1996 Université de Montpellier.
    • 1997 University of California Los Angeles.
    • 2001 University of California Los Angeles. 
    • 1987 The Folger Shakespeare Library.
    • 1988 The Huntington Library.


(a) General Editorships

1974-2014 The New Mermaids successively Ernest Benn Ltd., A. & C. Black Ltd., Methuen Drama.

1976 - The New Cambridge Shakespeare Cambridge University Press.

(b) Monographs

1968 Jacobean City Comedy Hart-Davis, London, and Harvard University Press.

1981 Jacobean City Comedy new ed. Methuen, London.

1993 and 2006, Shakespeare and Multiplicity Cambridge University Press.

(c) Editions

1981 Romeo and Juliet, The Arden Shakespeare Methuen and Harvard University Press

1991 Measure for Measure, The New Cambridge Shakespeare Cambridge University Press

1967 The Revenger’s Tragedy New Mermaids

1971 The Way of the World  New Mermaids

1991 new edn, The Revenger’s Tragedy New Mermaids

1994 new edn, The Way of the World New Mermaids

2001 The Duchess of Malfi New Mermaids

2008 new edn, The Revenger’s Tragedy New Mermaids

2014 new edn, The Duchess of Malfi New Mermaids

2014 ed. Christopher Marlowe, Four Plays New Mermaids

(d) Articles

1968 ‘Unstable Proteus: Marlowe’s Tragedy of Dido Queene of Carthage’ in Brian Morris, ed. Christopher Marlowe, Mermaid Critical Commentaries A & C Black Ltd., London (1968)

1972 ‘Congreve’s The Old Batchelour and Jonsonian Comedy’ in Brian Morris, ed. William Congreve, Mermaid Critical Commentaries A & C Black Ltd., London (1972)

1987 Amorous Fictions and As You Like It’ in John W. Mahon & Thomas A. Pendleton, ed. Fann’d and Winnowed Opinions Methuen, London (1987)

1987 ‘Fabled Cymbeline’ in Shakespeare Jahrbuch (1987)

1990 ‘Romance and the Heroic Play’ in A.R.Braunmuller and Michael Hattaway ed. The Cambridge Companion to English Renaissance Drama. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (1990, repr. 2003) 197-227

1991 ‘“Bid Them Bring the Trumpets to the Gate”: Staging Questions for Measure for Measure’ The Huntington Library Quarterly Vol.54, no.1 (1991) 31-42

1994The Tempest and Interruptions’ in J.M. Maguin ed. Cahiers Elizabéthains No 45, Montpellier (1994) 47-58

1996 ‘The Wrong End of the Telescope’ In J-P. Maquerlot and Michèle Willems, ed. Travel & Drama in Shakespeare’s Time, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (1996) 141-159

 1996 ‘Jonson and Reflection’ in R.B.Parker and S.P.Zitner, ed. Elizabethan Theater Associated University Presses, Newark, De. and London (1996) 50-70

1996 ‘The Question of Place’ in J.M.Maguin, ed. Cahiers Elizabéthains No.50, Montpellier (1996)

1997The Winters Tale’ and ‘The Comedy of Errors’: Doubles and Likenesses-with-Difference’ in Connotations Vol. 6, Waxman, Münster (1997) 19-40

1997 ‘Erring and Straying Like Lost Sheep: The Comedy of Errors and The Winter’s Tale’ in Shakespeare Survey 50, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (1997) 111-124

1997 ‘Exposure as Characterisation in Shakspeare and Jonson’ in J-M. Maguin, ed. Comment Le Mal Vient Aux Hommes, Paris (1997)

1999 ‘Alan Bennett’s The Madness of George III and the Shakespeare History Play’ in Connotations Vol. 8, Waxman, Münster (1999) 1-21

2002 ‘The Madness of George III’: Shakespeare, the History Play and Alan Bennett’ in Thomas Moisan and Douglas Bruster, ed. In the Company of Shakespeare, Associated University Presses, London (2002) 314-330

2004 ‘Portraying Ageing in Shakespeare and Jonson’ in Christa Jansohn ed. Old Age and Ageing in British and American Culture and Literature,  Münster (2004) 39-50

2005 ‘Is brevity the soul of wit?’ in Dominique Goy-Blanquet, ed. L’Esprit du Théâtre, d’Aristote à Shakespeare, Le Cri Édition, Bruxelles (2005) 85-105

2011 ‘ “He shifteth his speech”: Accents and Dialects in Plays by Shakespeare and his Contemporaries’ in Christa Jansohn, Lena Cowen Orlin, Stanley Wells, ed.  Shakespeare Without Boundaries, University of Delaware Press, Newark, De. and London (2011), 76-91

2012Dramaturgy’ in Arthur Kinney, ed., The Oxford Shakspeare Handbook, Oxford University Press, Oxford (2012) 258-75.

2012On Shakespeare, Sonnet 60’ in Russ McDonald, Nicholas Nace and Travis Williams, ed. Shakespeare Up Close, Methuen Drama, London (2012) 46-56

(e) Reviews at various times since 1967 in The Year’s Work in English Studies, Shakespeare Survey, Shakespeare Quarterly, Shakespeare Jahrbuch, Modern Language Review.

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