General Secretary
Prof. Dr. Claudius Geisler
Substitute: Anna Neovesky
Phone: 06131/577-101
Fax: 06131/577-111
Secretary: Ramona Burckhardt
Science Management and Coordination
Anna Neovesky, M.A.
Substitute: Tina Krings, M.A.
Phone: 06131/577-106
Fax: 06131/577-111
Tina Krings, M.A. Phone: 06131/577-252
Fax: 06131/577-104
Juliane Grau, M.A. Phone: 06131/577-252
Fax: 06131/577-104
Office management
Gisela Neuheuser
Substitute: Dr. Johannes Bernwieser
Phone: 06131/577-130
Fax: 06131/577-133
Financial and personnel administration
Birgitt Hatzinger
Substitute: Mario Duvnjak
Phone: 06131/577-140
Mario Duvnjak Phne: 06131/577-143
Marc Stütz Phone: 06131/577-144
Lena Schier Phone: 06131/577-141
Jieqiong Bräsel Phone: 06131/577-132
Carolin Schweizer Phone: 06131/577-145
Young Academy
Dr. Aglaia Bianchi Phone: 06131/577-114
Event management and technical support
Alexander Krings
Substitute: Ivan Borovic
Telefon: 06131/577-142
Mobile: 0151/22229971
Public relations
Petra Plättner Phone: 06131/577-102
Saskia Krahl, M.A. Phone: 06131/577-180
Martha Lubosz, M.Ed. Phone: 06131/577-115
Melissa Meierhöfer, B.A. Phone: 06131/577-115
Marie Böhlke, B.A. Phone: 06131/577-115
Editorial office
Olaf Meding M.A. Phone: 06131/577-115
Ruth Zimmermann Phone: 06131/577-110
Friederike Luce Phone: 06131/577-110
House administration
Emir Kesedzic
Substitute: Ivan Borovic
Mobile: 0151/22229972