The Young Academy


The ›Junge Akademie | Mainz‹ is the youth development format of the Academy of Sciences and Literature | Mainz. Young scientists and young literary and music professionals will gain recognition for their outstanding scientific and artistic achievements for period of four years and support in their further careers. The Membership provides them the opportunity to expand their scientific network under the sign of interdisciplinarity. Particular attention is paid to the integrative character of the Junge Akademie in the sense of a dialogue that connects disciplines and generations: The active participation in the meetings and events of the academy and the exchange with the members of the established scholarly society are key elements of the format. The members of the Junge Akademie have the opportunity to organize their own events and to develop new initiatives, especially within the framework of working groups that deal with current research questions from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The Young Academy | Mainz is financed by the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Science, patronage is taken over by the Minister for Science, Continuing Education and Culture of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, Prof. Dr. Konrad Wolf.

Further cooperations exist with the Werner Reimers Foundation, which welcomes the Junge Akademie to its premises at the annual Reimerstage, with the German-Italian Center for European Excellence Villa Vigoni and with the German Historical Institutes in Rome, Paris and London.

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Tamara Štajner, M.A.

Maria Hilfer Straße 117/3/34
1060 Wien,

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