The Academy is particularly committed to the promotion of young researchers. The various fields of activity support students, doctoral and postdoctoral candidates in their academic development.

Integration of Young Academics into the Academy


In 2016, the Academy founded the ›Young Academy | Mainz‹, in which young academics are admitted for a period of four years in recognition of their outstanding scientific and artistic achievements to date. The membership in the Young Academy supports them in pursuing their academic careers and offers them the opportunity to expand their academic network under the sign of interdisciplinarity.

New Carrer Paths in the Academies Programme


The Academies Programme is the largest humanities research programme in Germany. The Academy currently manages more than 30 projects with a duration of up to 25 years. The promotion of young academics is structurally integrated in the academy programme and offers various opportunities for further qualification. The aim is to attract highly qualified young researchers to the projects of the Academies Programme and to offer them career prospects and development opportunities within and outside the Programme. To achieve this goal, the Academy has set up Academy Professorships and PhD Scholarships, thereby strengthening networking with university research.


The Academy Professorships are a link between the research in the academy project and the teaching at the university and open parallel later career possibilities in the university range. The promotion of doctoral studies provides further impulses for the Academies Programme: within the framework of such promotion, specific questions from the individual projects as well as overarching topics with a broader focus can be scientifically deepened. The Academy offers trainee positions in the Academies Programme for professional orientation after the master's degree and before the doctorate. This is a professional, scientific, organizational and qualifying further education.

Even during their studies, students can gain insight into the work of the academy through internships. In addition, the Academy employs numerous students as scientific assistants who have the opportunity to gain their first professional experience and to write their theses in the context of a project. 

Awards for Young Academics


The Academy awards various prizes and distinctions to young researchers. The Sibylle Kalkhof-Rose Academy Prize for the Humanities is awarded every two years to outstanding researchers from the entire spectrum of the humanities. In the field of natural sciences, the Walter Kalkhof-Rose Memorial Prize is awarded every two years. The Kurt-Ringger Foundation awards a prize especially in the field of Romance Studies for an excellent dissertation or habilitation thesis in the field of Romance Linguistics, Literature or Cultural Studies. For an original dissertation or research work (e.g. habilitation, cumulative dissertations and habilitations included) in the field of Geography, Landscape Ecology and High Mountain Research - the Wilhelm Lauer Foundation awards a prize. The Biodiversity Award is conferred to young researchers who have submitted an outstanding dissertation in the field of Biodiversity Research.