Project Description

Transcription of the versions available in the autograph, 4-7 of the transition

The New Robert Schumann Complete Edition (RSA) sees itself as a historical-critical complete edition. It aims to be anchored in the historical factuality of the authentic sources. Its principle is to reproduce the text faithfully. In accordance with the current state of musicological editing techniques, all compositions will be carefully prepared and presented as a whole. Even fragmentary attempts, sketches and drafts, i.e. everything that has been authentically handed down by Schumann and in most cases consciously preserved by him, will be collected, their significance examined and documented in the complete edition. Where there might be misunderstandings or difficulties in understanding for the present time, text-critical intervention will be made. In principle, every editorial measure and every deviation from the basic text (original edition and/or autograph) is indicated. This is done in the musical text itself or in the revision report. Finally, the Complete Edition also aims to take into account the historicity of the works, aspects of genre history as well as reception-historical data and contexts. Last but not least, the critical edition is intended to create a solid foundation for the faithful cultivation of Robert Schumann's music in musical practice. Approximately 53 volumes of sheet music with integrated critical reports are planned, as well as 7 volumes of studies and sketches or writings and supplements. The RSA is divided into 8 series.