Project Description

Max Reger (1873-1916) left behind a monumental oeuvre in terms of its scope, complexity, and diversity. With the exception of opera, it encompasses all genres of his time - from chamber and piano music to choruses and songs to orchestral works and choral symphonies. For a proven pioneer of musical modernism, Reger's organ works and the large number of his arrangements of works by other composers, especially Johann Sebastian Bach, are remarkable.

Screenshot from Edirom, beginning of the chorale fantasy "All men must die" op. 52 No. 1

From the wealth of this oeuvre, the Reger-Werkausgabe (RWA) selects the organ music as the most prominent area, the approximately 300 songs that have been neglected in musical life, the choruses and the arrangements, many of which are no longer available today.

As one of the first musicological edition projects, the RWA is designed as a hybrid edition: The printed music volume is substantially accompanied by a digital apparatus that makes the available source material and explanatory documents available in a scholarly format. All necessary information on the edited works is linked to the annotation apparatus of the edition.

Scholars and practitioners benefit equally from this: On the one hand, the Reger-Werkausgabe provides the user with a performable work form and, on the other hand, can reveal all stages of the work's development with the aid of images and make Reger's work tangible in its contexts.