Project Description

The Hallische Händel-Ausgabe (HHA) is a critical complete edition of the works of George Frideric Händel based on all known sources. It is intended to serve both research and practice.


Within the volumes, the works and their versions are arranged chronologically wherever possible. The editorial board includes renowned Händel scholars from Germany, Great Britain and the USA. Each volume contains a preface in which the history of the work's creation and its transmission are reported on and questions of performance practice are discussed.


The editions of vocal works contain a literal German and, if necessary, an English translation of the vocal text.

Since 1991, the volumes of Series I and II each contain a facsimile of the libretto printed for the first performances. In principle, Händel's intentions are reproduced as accurately as possible in modern musical notation. Additions to Händel's verbal and musical text are marked.