Self-commitment to securing and further developing a family-friendly personnel policy


The compatibility of career and family " is one of the most important concerns of the Academy. In the competition for qualified junior staff, a working environment that is fair to families and opportunities does not only ensure the the long-term happiness and quality of employees, but contributes also to the future development of our society and our location. A good and satisfactory balance between professional life and family time is essential to support well-trained employees in their work and to strengthen their motivation and commitment. The compatibility of work and family is affecting childcare as well as the care of relatives in need of care or other family obligations.

It is therefore our endeavour to position and consolidate the Academy as a family-friendly employer by developing and expanding targeted measures and strategies within the framework of the possibilities offered by the service.

With this in mind, the Academy has also decided to join the Dual Career Network Germany, which represents just these points of view. The network stands for equality, flexibility and promotion in professional life. It is a contemporary means of ensuring an organic form of work that adapts to the lives of employees. Within the framework of the Dual Career Network, the Academy endeavours to support partners and families of its employees in "settling in to the region" in order to facilitate the first steps in the new environment. Such support can take place, for instance, when looking for a new job or a place in a kindergarten.

The network offers great advantages not only for employees, but also for the Academy itself. Through membership, the Academy becomes part of a still developing research network in Germany and can thus help to shape it.


The Academy, i.e. all executives and employees, are committed to family friendliness.

The self-commitment thus defines the measures implemented and the goals achieved in individual fields of action as uniform basic standards which should at least be maintained. If necessary, they can be improved or extended.


Fields of action:

Offers with which the Academy attempts to make it easier for its employees to reconcile work and family life include the following:

The Academy will continue to intensively expand and promote the measures and goals of a family-friendly personnel policy.