Research, Development, Training and Transfer in the Digital Humanities

With the foundation of the Digital Academy in 2009, the Academy established a recognized research department for Digital Humanities. The department combines digitalization as well as the digital research methods and technologies based on it.

The field of research and activity of the Digital Academy ranges from conceptual consulting for new applications and current projects to the support of academy projects within the scope of evaluations and the acquisition and implementation of own research projects (e.g. funded by the BMBF, the DFG or the Volkswagen Foundation).

Another central field of activity of the Digital Academy is the training of young scientists in the study programme "Digital Methodology". In addition, it plays the role of a research and development partner in numerous projects of the Academy, thus ensuring mutual, cross-project know-how transfer and synergy effects with regard to the development of digital research tools.

Focus of Research

The Digital Academy focuses on research software engineering in the humanities. Special emphasis is putt on the on the development of quality and sustainability criteria, the use of current web technologies in cultural research contexts, the application of Linked Open Data and Semantic Web technologies for the development of new analysis and post-use scenarios. Also in focus are the exploitation of research potential through the use of graph technologies and methods of historical network research as well as the development of solutions for the analysis and visualization of humanities data and research objects.