Exhibition ›Strichmädchen‹ with works by Judith Clara


With her One Line Art Judith Clara creates works of art from a single line.

In her works she deals exclusively with the representation of women. As soon as the pen touches the paper, it is only lifted off again when the work of art is completed. 

The afterwards unchangeable line makes every painting an absolute unique and captivates by its very personal expression.

Judith Clara was born in Saarbrücken, Germany and became known with her art via the Internet (e.g. instagram.com/banjoclara). 

Opening hours:

10 October to 20 December 2019

Mon-Thu 9am - 4pm | Fri 9am - 1pm

Admission free


Sound installation ›liquid borders‹ by Peter Kiefer


For the installation 'liquid borders' Peter Kiefer recorded the sounds of the sea at the outermost points of the European heartland. He travelled to the northernmost point of Scotland, the westernmost point in Portugal, the southernmost point in Spain and the easternmost point of Cyprus, especially for the work on display at the Academy from 17 June. 

Already the considerations connected with the selection of the locations lead to a reflection on the borders of Europe - and go beyond them. For the installation thus contains a general examination of the definition of borders in general - of what we want to include and what we want to exclude. The sounds and objects define a border experience for the listening viewer and at the same time direct the view beyond. A space for own thoughts and reflection opens up. 

Peter Kiefer teaches as professor for sound art composition at the University of Music in Mainz. The exhibition takes place in cooperation with the research project ›art research sound‹. 

Opening hours:

17 June to 30 June 2019

Mon - Thu, 9am - 4pm | Fr 9am - 1pm

in the Garden of the Academy

Admission free

Exhibition ›Blumen und Bäume‹: works by Petra Balbach


Petra Balbach has been artistically active for over 40 years and since then she has also been working on the theme of the exhibition. Flowers and trees appear in her portrait, nude, still life and landscape paintings and are almost always painted directly in front of nature. Since 2013 the works have been changing through her involvement with collage. Snippets of paper from newspapers and magazines are worked into the pictures in such a way that they are often only recognizable on closer inspection. Further levels of meaning emerge, which can be further expanded by fragments of writing, as far as the viewer wants and allows.

Petra Balbach studied in Frankfurt and Paris and has been running her own art school in Heidesheim-Heidenfahrt for 15 years. She teaches drawing and painting at the WBZ Ingelheim and organizes an annual painting trip with her students. Exhibitions at home and abroad.

Opening hours:

1 February to 26 April 2019

Mon-Thu 9am - 4pm | Fri 9am - 1pm

Admission free


›Makrorinden‹ by Nina Stoelting


Myth and cultural history of the tree are the roots of this cycle'. Nina Stoelting depicts greatly enlarged sections of tree bark in their ideal-typical structures and shows construction plans of nature, which, removed from their natural context, create an irritating independence and abstraction. Snapshots of nature, which is constantly renewing itself, are captured, resisting transience by repeating its own principle of transience.

The focus of the group of works ›Makrorinden‹, which is on display at the academy, is on partly large-format panel paintings, which are characterised by a relief-like surface structure in combination with subtle colouring. Starting from sketches, Nina Stoelting develops the final composition in the working process. The material is applied in numerous layers, ranging from very pastose to glazed, creating a wide range of tensions that are characteristic of the artist's working method.

The theme of structure runs like a red thread through the work of the artist, born in 1966. After a very comprehensive academic education and doctorate, Nina Stoelting now focuses on painting. Nature and history, often in combination, form the intellectual basis of her works, which are usually executed in large cycles and determine the choice of motif. Her works have been presented very successfully at numerous exhibitions at home and abroad and have been awarded several prizes.


Opening hours:

8 May to 26 July 2019

Mon-Thu 9am - 4pm | Fri 9am - 1pm

Admission free