Exhibition ›Nord Nord Ost‹ by Gunnar Zimmer


The Academy is proud to present the exhibition ›Nord Nord Ost‹ by Gunnar Zimmer. Landscapes - inspired by the north, as the exhibition title suggests - are on display. Reduced, almost abstract motifs, in which the high-contrast painterly realisation is in the foreground.

»Art is a reminder of the ancient, dark, from which fragments still live in the artist« (Paul Klee)

On closer inspection, the view of the world changes into an inner image. Into dream spaces - places where something takes place, experiencable through painting, but which cannot be grasped or entered. Gunnar Zimmer's predominantly large-format works in oil on canvas remind us of this supra-individual moment of dreams and archetypes. They offer an emotional pause in the visual and are very personal, pictorial and artistic interventions, consciously placed in the restless flood of our over-aestheticized world of images.

Gunnar Zimmer was born in 1974 in Aachen. After training as a sculptor at the Schauspielhaus Bochum, he studied communication design in Essen. Since 2004 he has lived and worked in Berlin.

Opening hours:

25 January to 9 March 2018

Mon-Thu 9am - 4pm | Fri 9am - 1pm

Admission free


Exhibition ›Tiere und Akte: Zeichnungen‹ von Pavel Feinstein


The Academy is proud to present the exhibition ›Tiere und Akte: Zeichnungen‹ by Pavel Feinstein. The painter Pavel Feinstein, born in Moscow in 1960, has dedicated himself to figuration and captivates in his paintings by an extraordinary selection, classification, illumination, plot and composition.

Feinstein uses old-masterly techniques to draw still lifes, which, however, have their own order determined by the artist himself. The utensils of the still lifes also reappear in the figure paintings, which are characterised by biblical scenes from the Old Testament and are reminiscent of dream scenes through their dark colouring. Animals such as goats, monkeys or lions fit into these pictures. In Mainz he shows more recent animal and nude drawings.

Pavel Feinstein studied 1980-1985 at the University of the Arts in Berlin and has lived and worked there ever since. His paintings have been exhibited in numerous galleries, including the Galerie Taube (Berlin), the Willy Brandt House (Berlin) and the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

Opening hours:

16 March to 29 June 2018

Mon-Thu 9am - 4pm | Fri 9am - 1pm

Admission free


Exhibition ›Man muss das Leben tanzen‹


The exhibition shows a broad spectrum of artistic works that deal with the subject of dance in different ways. Artists from all over Europe are represented, who have developed various forms of expression through film, drawing, sculpture, wood printing and photography, and who interact with other art forms. The individual interpretations of the exhibition's theme open a perspective on the diverse aesthetics and perspectives of the contemporary art scene.

The project is initiated and curated by Manfred Geis, member of the Rhineland-Palatinate state parliament (who initiated the exhibition series ›Kunst im Abgeordnetenbüro‹ and has initiated and supervised almost 100 exhibitions to date), and Elisabeth Schilling, a dancer and choreographer born in Rhineland-Palatinate who works internationally.


Matěj Frank (PL/CZ)

Artémise Ploegearts (F/NL)

Magdalena Thielen (D)

Lynn Theisen (LUX)

Jenny Fitz (D)

Eunsun Cho (KOR/D)

Martin Lilkendey (D)

Astrid Latz (D)

Opening hours:

31 August to 21 December 2018

Mon-Thu 9am - 4pm | Fri 9am - 1pm

Admission free