›Shakespeare by numbers‹


On the occasion of the Shakespeare anniversary year, the Mainz Academy is presenting the exhibition ›Shakespeare by numbers‹ of the Lyrikabor Mainz in cooperation with the FH Mainz and the Mainzer Wissenschaftsallianz. Visitors are guided through all 154 sonnets by William Shakespeare.

The LyricLaboratory Mainz, launched in the Science Year 2011 as a cooperation between the Johannes Gutenberg University and the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, has set itself the goal of »translating poetry into images and giving space to words«.

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Opening hours:
16 May until 4 July 2014
Mon−Thu 9am - 12 | 2pm − 4pm

Fri 9am − 1pm
Admission free


Christian Reinmann ›Spiegel der Erinnerung‹


»Painting is incessant remembrance«, this sentence by the painter and writer Per Kirkeby also characterizes the works and the pictorial approach of Christian Reinmann.

At its core, it is an informal work that draws from contemplation, from memory - but which would never reproduce what is seen as a close image or even allow a localization on site. The artist focuses on the graceful quality of his remembered landscape experiences - gained on many journeys around the world - and transforms them into new, independent pictorial forms. 

Using his very own material aesthetics, Christian Reinmann creates pictures that live from the contrast and composition of the most diverse traces as well as from the earthy, natural colours. It is almost like assemblages which, in comparison, develop a force in the view of nature as if they had just been taken from geological formations.

Opening hours:
30 October 2014 until 14 January 2015
Mon−Thu 9am - 12 | 2pm − 4 pm
Fri 9am −1pm

Admission free