Opening event of the Academy Centre

17. April 2020

1st Forum of the Academy Centre for the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times

"Formulas, Patterns, Conventions. Basic research on Europe's cultural heritage in the digital age"

13.-14. October 2020

The 1st Forum of the Academy Centre serves as an initial spark for the interdisciplinary discussion between the participating projects, in which it is to be worked out together what connects the research in the Academy projects apart from the common reference to the epoch. The first aspects to be focussed on at the forum are the common features of the processed tradition and its methodological evaluation. The tradition worked on in the long-term projects on the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period has a high degree of formulaicity, which requires an empirical approach, i.e. the collection and indexing of large amounts of data, the interpretation of which also arises in the recognition of patterns. This peculiarity obviously encouraged early on the willingness of scholars to apply digital methods, which is why the Digital Academy is also an indispensable part of the Academy Centre. The event is intended to strengthen communication between the participating projects and to think about forms of more intensive cooperation. The forum will be complemented by a public lecture on the topic of "Science in the Digital Age".

„Das Akademiezentrum wird wesentlich dazu beitragen, die Zusammenarbeit zwischen den Forschungsvorhaben zu stärken und die Leistungsfähigkeit historisch-kulturwissenschaftlicher Grundlagenforschung an der Mainzer Akademie in der wissenschaftlichen Öffentlichkeit besser sichtbar zu machen.“

[The Academy Centre will make a significant contribution to strengthening cooperation between research projects and making the performance of basic research in historical and cultural studies at the Mainz Academy more visible to the academic public.]

Prof. Dr. Steffen Krieb

Interdisciplinary colloquium for doctoral students

While the traditional university colloquia serve to discuss dissertation projects with the respective supervisors and specialist colleagues, the Interdisciplinary Colloquium of the Academy Centre offers the unique opportunity to present one's own doctoral project in an interdisciplinary context, to receive feedback from an unfamiliar perspective and to become clear about the positioning of one's own doctoral thesis in a broader academic context. For this purpose, all participating doctoral candidates will each have an expert from one of the projects involved in the Academy Centre as well as a member of the Junge Akademie at their disposal, who will respond to the project presentations with a detailed commentary, which will then be discussed in the plenary.