Academy Prize of Rhineland-Palatinate

In cooperation with the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz, the state of Rhineland-Palatinate has donated a prize to honour outstanding and exemplary achievements in teaching and research at universities in Rhineland-Palatinate. At the same time, this award is intended to honour a personality whose committed work has decisively promoted the next generation of academics.

Prize winners

Year Prize winner
2001 Prof. Dr. Helmut Neunzert, Kaiserslautern
2002 Prof. Dr. Alfred Haverkamp, Trier
2003 Prof. Dr. Gregor Hoogers, Trier
2004 Prof. Dr. Stephan Borrmann, Mainz
2005 Prof. Dr. Eckard Friauf, Kaiserslautern
2006 Prof. Claudia Eder, Mainz
2007 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ursula Verhoeven-van Elsbergen, Mainz
2008 Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dietmar Eifler, Kaiserslautern
2009 Prof. Dr. Thomas Wilhein, Koblenz
2010 Prof. Dr. Claudine Moulin, Trier
2011 Prof. Dr. Manfred Lehn, Mainz
2012 Prof. Dr. Frank Boochs, Mainz
2013 Prof. Dr. Damaris Nübling, Mainz
2014 Prof. Dr. Daniela Braun, Koblenz
2015 Prof. Dr. Gabriele E. Schaumann, Koblenz-Landau, und Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Hasse, Kaiserslautern
2016 Prof. Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci, Trier
2017 Prof. Dr. Kai-Christian Bruhn, Mainz
2018 Prof. Dr. Steffen Staab, Koblenz-Landau
2019 Prof. Dr. Georg Dusel, Bingen