The Young Academy


With the ›Young Academy | Mainz‹ , the Academy has established a new format: 36 young academics have been accepted into the Young Academy for a period of four years in recognition of their outstanding scientific and artistic achievements to date. Membership in the Young Academy supports them in pursuing their scientific careers and offers them the opportunity to expand their scientific network under the sign of interdisciplinarity. The aim is to promote interdisciplinary and intergenerational dialogue between excellent scientists, which should lead to a productive exchange and scientific excellence. 

In addition to actively participating in the plenary sessions and other events of the Academy, the members work in interdisciplinary working groups and organize symposia and workshops.
Financial support for the Young Academy is provided by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, which sees a particular value in the integration of young scientists into the already established scholarly society of the Academy. There are also collaborations with the Werner Reimers Foundation, with the German-Italian Centre for European Excellence Villa Vigoni and with the German Historical Institutes in Rome, Paris and London.

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